Malta is blessed with one of the most agreeable climates in the Mediterranean, with virtually non-stop sunshine between April and September. It’s not all fun and games however, as the sun’s UV rays can damage our skin and harm our eyesight. Sunglasses block 99% of harmful UV Rays.

Whether it’s summer or winter, protection from the sun and other elements should be your number one priority. Polarised sunglasses block intense reflected light through a special filter, offering superior glare protection and enhanced visibility. 

We stock sunglasses and prescription sunglasses, as well as offering self-tinting sighted glasses.

Some of our brands include Carducci, Extreme amongst others.

Joia 3000-C01 Navy / C02 Havana

Joia 3006-C01 Blue

Joia 3001-C01 Brown / C02 Pink

Joia 3010-C01 Gold

Joia 3010-C01 Gold

Carducci Sun CD1070

Carducci Sun CD1044

Carducci Sun CD1056

Carducci Sun CD1060